Solid World DAO is announcing a new partnership with The Future Economic Rural Network (FERN), a UK-based NGO that focuses on improving biodiversity and reducing carbon by planting trees.

As Solid World’s first partner in the UK, FERN aims to roll out a pilot project helping local communities reduce their carbon emissions through offsetting with tree planting on sites across the country.

Teele Tuuling from Solid World said, “We’re happy to be Partners with FERN! You are doing a great job helping rural communities!”

In a statement announcing the partnership, FERN Director Daniel Rád said, “Together, our organisations can revolutionise the carbon credits system.”

The Future Economic Rural Network (FERN) serves as a hub for business growth and research on how communities across Europe can harness the power of technology and new ideas for a prosperous future.

Learn more about FERN on their website:

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