Solid World DAO is excited to announce a new partnership with Allegory, a fund investing at the intersection of climate and web3. We are proud to have contributors that share our values and believe in our vision!

Following the partnership announcement, Allegory founder Ed Walters said: “Solid World is solving one of the hardest problems in this space — supply. Through their incredible design partner and world-class team, they’re incredibly well-positioned to move the entire ReFi ecosystem forward.”

Describing his fund, Walters said, “Our mission is to accelerate companies that will help humanity meet the challenge of climate change. As crypto and climate change move from “side projects” to core areas of focus for a new generation of entrepreneurial talent, crypto/web3 is uniquely positioned to align economic success with environmental preservation and regeneration. The largest companies in the world will be built in this space. And our world will be better off.”

Allegory website:

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